You Look Like A Tin Soldier

So, this one time at Urban Outfitters, I found the dreamiest skirt in the sale section. It was a light, salmon-ish pink and it was fluffy and it was in all ways girly and adorable.

What’s funny is, at the times, I wasn’t that girly yet. I was on the procress of stopping to reject skirts for the attention they were bringing and stopping to reject light pink for its kindergarten connotation [reference to silly philosophy ? Check.]. But by the time the temperature became appropriate, some kind of ephipany happened. Man, I felt like a woman ! [reference to Shania Twain ? Check.]. So, here would be the cutest skirt I’ve laid my eyes on. Oh, and like the wannabe tomboy I am, I had to pair it with my brother’s JROTC shirt. You read that well.

Skirt : Urban Outfitters
Shirt : The brother’s closet !


Seven Seas

I feel like I’m also beating a dead horse by talking about this…but…SAILORS !
Oh, the sweet fascination. I don’t know why, I’ve always been interested by all things nautical. I think it started in elementary school. A couple books about pirates, and a girl I knew that took a trip around the world in her parents’ boat were enough to startle my imagination.

Now that the trend is growing big again, I can’t tell if I’m happy or annoyed. I mean, I love being able to find a perfect piece because there’s so much choice, but I hate seeing so many girls I wouldn’t associate with, ever, wearing the same style that I love… However, I do love seeing Nevershoutnever’s Christofer Drew rocking a sailor hat.
I mean, come on ! Gauges + knuckles tattoos + sailor hat = love worthy.

Sunday edition, on a Saturday.

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I’m coming to a point where I notice a pattern. I start a blog, take a day to make it pretty, write no more than 3 articles before I decide to erase all and start fresh, but end up not writing for more than 2 weeks altogether. So I close the blog, and then, start another one some couple of months later.
Well, not again.

I’m Sarah. Common name among other common names. I’m 16 going 17, but not too soon — but the difference is only huge to others. I like to shake up routines, fool around, sit and think, do stuff. I think quickly, very quickly, too quickly; it most likely leads to confusion or utter randomness. I enjoy the smallest things and complain about the most ridiculous details.  I love smelling ink, listening to the rain, eating sushis, touching silk, seeing bright colors.

Oh, and I almost forgot.
Welcome :)