Sunday edition, on a Saturday.

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I’m coming to a point where I notice a pattern. I start a blog, take a day to make it pretty, write no more than 3 articles before I decide to erase all and start fresh, but end up not writing for more than 2 weeks altogether. So I close the blog, and then, start another one some couple of months later.
Well, not again.

I’m Sarah. Common name among other common names. I’m 16 going 17, but not too soon — but the difference is only huge to others. I like to shake up routines, fool around, sit and think, do stuff. I think quickly, very quickly, too quickly; it most likely leads to confusion or utter randomness. I enjoy the smallest things and complain about the most ridiculous details.  I love smelling ink, listening to the rain, eating sushis, touching silk, seeing bright colors.

Oh, and I almost forgot.
Welcome :)

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